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Chiprovtsi Carpets - Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
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Rug Weaving Tools


Our rugs are weaved on a vertical loom. It consists of two buttresses, assembled vertically with some space between them, upper and lower cloth-beams (two cylinders, on which the base is thrown over), upper and lower "tsepets" (the upper divide the base into pears and form the harness; the lower one is for dividing the motives in the beginning.

The loom must be steadily fixed, in order not to curve the woven. The loom's purpose is to hold the threads in the base stretched, separated and well-arranged at equal spaces one from another. Usually the looms are made from wood with several metal elements that help the loom and yarn-beam get settled. In the cource of milleniums the instruments and weaving tehnique haven't changed their nature. In the past wooden cotters were used for straining the base, but nowadays this is done by means of metal screws. When some of the houses are built the place in which the loom will be is designed in advance and in order to get it steady some additional elements get built in the walls. In other houses, the yarn-beams are fixed directly to the ceiling and floor, without using any sideway abutments.


Another important instrument in the handmade rugs looming is called "tupitsa". This is a peculiar comb with a few long teeth and a handle. Usually it is made of wood but metal is also possible. It exists in deferent size and weight. The tupitsa is used for hitting the weft, so that it is pressed and the rug is thick and lasting.

After the rug is loomed, the unnecessary base and the jutting out reminders of the weft are cut off with scissors.


"Vitel" is a wooden roundabout, which is used when unwinding the yarn from skeins to "kanurs". The "kanur" is a small roll of yarn (weft) winded up by hand, which can shove easy through the threads from the warp.

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