The Best Handmade Kilim Rugs

Rug weaving has been practiced by the Bulgarian tribes for ages and is one craft which is still typical to our lands to this very day. By removing the barriers between the past and the present, the handmade rugs present us with a sense of beauty, harmony and warmth because of their authentic design, motifs and colours. Woven out of a combination between love, creativity and diligence, that rugs help us create a cozy home and add an original touch to our personal surroundings.

Head of Cabbage

The rugs from the Chiprovtsi region are completely authentic hand-made, smooth, double-sided with absolute similarity between both sides. They are handcrafted out of natural materials – cotton and wool. Their motifs feature stylized figures depicting the authentic domestic scenes and traditional culture – that is how our rugs whisper a tale of the Bulgarian people’s old traditions, customs and history.

Karakachka - Black Eyes Bride

As a manufacturer of Chiprovtsi kilim rugs, offers to your attention a wide array of unique models of rugs, as well as the perfect opportunity to buy an original hand-woven rug by simply visiting our online web shop. You could also order a rug which would be hand-crafted according to your own wishes – model, size or colour. Our online web store features not only some of the most original and authentic samples of the art of rug weaving, but also a selection of modern models which would be the perfect harmonic combination for your own interior. Our rugs are distinguished for the quality of their materials and fabric, the softness and the harmony of the motifs and shades, the uniqueness which every single rug represents and the multitude of models and designs.


The Bulgarian handmade rug is a symbol of the authentic culture and traditions and so it has nowadays become a remarkable accessory to every home’s interior and could be an invaluable gift to everyone who appreciates creative handcrafts and intransient beauty.