About Us

I was born in the town of Chiprovtsi, northwestern Bulgaria in a family with a long ancestry of rug weavers. I grew up with the weaver’s loom in my hands, among yarns and rugs, surrounded by the soft sound of my grandmother’s weaving tools thumping against the wool while they were breathing life into the balls of yarn and turning them into magical, mystical figures. That is how my childhood passed and the beautiful memories I keep from those days are the reason behind my love and passion for this ancient craft and the thing which has made me put all my heart and soul into preserving and developing it.

As a handmade rug manufacturer our mission as mere cogs in the wheel of history is to preserve and develop this art, to remind people just how authentic it is and to spread it to every home, so that the sands of time would not cover this beautiful ancient tradition.

The motifs and colours of our rugs have the soul of the hard-working Bulgarian woman entwined between them, along with her wisdom and sorrow, traditions and beliefs, stories and songs. Our aim is to reveal the authentic Bulgarian spirit and the human nature as part of our hand-woven rugs, and by doing that we hope to rally our souls towards the primary values for every human being – love, beauty and kindness. We would like to share this spirit, instilled in our tradition since ancient times, with people from other lands and cultures, and give the world a piece of beauty and warmth with our Bulgarian rug weaving art so that it becomes a better place.

Best Regards !!!

Svetlana Ilieva