As a handmade rug manufacturer our aim is to offer rugs which are competitively priced, in a wide assortment and of excellent quality, so that your refined taste is fully satisfied by our products. In our online web store we offer rugs that you can buy directly from us or order from a photograph with just a few clicks. Apart from that, we can also offer our professional services in the following areas

  • Manufacturing of a rug with its size at the client’s choice. This service aims to facilitate your choice while decorating your home by offering the opportunity to let us craft a rug with the size you’ve specified.
  • Manufacturing of a rug with its colours at the client’s choice. You can personally pick the colour combinations and nuances of the basic colours you would like to have in your rug, or even determine the combination of colours of each separate motif. You can describe what colours you would like or use samples from photographs that are uploaded on the website, you could send us samples of the colours on a piece of paper or even samples from curtains, damask cloths or other types of furniture so that we can craft a rug that would not only please you aesthetically, but also fit perfectly in your home surroundings.
  • Manufacturing of a rug with its model at the client’s choice. Besides choosing a basic model, you could also add additional motifs you wish to have weaved into your rug. This would be the perfect opportunity to become a designer for your very own furniture and create your very own design using the motifs available at our website. It is important to bear in mind that different figures have different relative sizes which we must comply with, but that is not a thing you should worry about, because we would do our best to assist you in this creative phase.
  • Weaving of logos or initials into rugs. We offer you the opportunity to craft a rug with your initials woven into it – or the ones of the person you would like to present the rug to as a gift. We can also weave a logo or a symbol into the pattern of the rug if you send us the design via regular mail or e-mail.
  • Rug weaving according to your own exclusive project. We are giving you the opportunity to fully unfold your creative potential and design the rug which you have always dreamed of, the one whose motifs you have been longingly drawing or dreamed about – we will craft it for you. The project does not have to feature traditional motifs – after all, this is the fruit of your own imagination! Just send us the project as a picture, sketch or photograph via courier, regular mail or e-mail.

The price of a rug crafted according to your personal order depends on the complexity of the model you have chosen, as well as its size and colours, hence we are unable to pre-determine the price of each rug. However, the price of a specifically-designed rug should generally be approximately 15% higher than that of a similar model. The rug will be woven within 75 days.
      The price of a rug crafted entirely based on your own design can vary greatly, so we could only be able to define it when you present the project to us. The term of manufacturing should then be discussed at a latter stage, once the design is clear.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like additional information: