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Chiprovtsi Carpets - Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
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Rug Weaving Technique

The our rug’s woven is smooth, double-side, equal on both sides. The structure is very simple. It consists of vertical threads for the warp and consecutively weaved horizontal threads from the weft, interweaved with the warp.

The rugs are manufacrured on vertical loom. On two horizontal yarn-beams is vertically stretched the warp. The colourful weft, winded up on "kanurs", shove through the threads of the warp, parallel to each other. They form an "area" in the same colour. The threads on the weft are hit with "tupitsa", until the woven becomes thick and the weft cover the warp. The motives are formed by using one colour not from the beginning till the end, but only in the area needed, according to the design. After the weft is shoved through a few times, one or two threads from the warp should be sidesteped from the right or the left. An area of new colour starts right where the area of the previous colour ends.

There are two methods of looming in the carpets and rugs producing. In the first one, the threads must be left only by pears – 2 or 4. Then, when two wefts in different colours meat, a cleft appears. It can reach 8mm in its warp. This is typical for the older and standard models.

In the second method, only one thread is left. In this way, the figures pictured have more beautiful and elegant design, the shapes are more oval and artistic, the carpets and rugs are more fascinating and unique, and the mastery and imagination of the particular weaver come to the fore.

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